CME and CNE Marketing Services

The Center for Learning and Professional Development's CME and CNE offices offer several marketing services to aid in promoting Dartmouth-Hitchcock accredited activities. These services include designing and producing printed marketing collateral, compiling targeted mailing lists (from the CME/CNE database), distributing promotional materials, creating an e-mail campaign and posting website course listings.

Below is a summary of each of our services offered. For more information please contact us.

Printed marketing collateral

Upon completion of the Marketing Intake Form (DOCX), marketing will design and produce a postcard, tri-fold, four-fold or booklet, depending upon the amount of content. Below is an example of each piece:

Samples of CLP brochures: postcard, tri-fold, four-fold, and booklet

These items have a standard layout, but the images used are customizable. Photos may be selected through the D-H Image Database, or purchased through a stock photo house, such as iStockphoto. Please be sure images are at least 300 dpi, print resolution.

In order to use the printed marketing collateral service, the Marketing Intake Form must be submitted, with all text finalized, at least 4 months before the program’s start date. Our design timeline allows for up to three rounds of edits; additional editing may push out the completion date. Please note, design services are included at no cost to the activity, but printing and mail house costs will be billed to the activity coordinator.

The CME/CNE office also provides flyer templates in Microsoft Word that can be utilized by event coordinators to create marketing flyers.

Targeted mailing lists

Mailing lists pulled from the CME/CNE database can be requested by completing the Mailing List Request Form. Please note that information sent to the U.S. hospitals list will be directed to a department or an employee title, not to a specific person. Please consider whether this is an effective method for your individual marketing needs before completing this request. A targeted mailing list will then be generated from the CME/CNE database, based on the criteria provided in the Mailing List Request Form.

Distributing promotional materials

Marketing will work with an outside vendor to have multiple mailing lists combined and de-duplicated. The vendor will then execute the printing of addresses and distribution of the educational course materials. The cost for this service will be billed to the activity coordinator.

E-mail Marketing

A sample CLPD email blast

Based on the information submitted in the Marketing Intake and Mailing List Request forms, an e-mail will be produced and distributed to addresses in the CME/CNE database.

There is a standard e-mail template, with customizable images that adheres to the Dartmouth-Hitchcock CME/CNE office branding standards.

Our E-mail Privacy Policy

Marketing maintains an opt-in list of e-mail addresses for medical professionals who have specifically requested to receive e-mails about our educational offering. Since our e-mail campaigns are opt-in only, we can not send to outside e-mail lists. To respect the privacy of our users, we don't share our e-mail database with others.

The CME/CNE marketing office abides by all aspects of the CAN-SPAM Act. Our e-mails comply by including:
  • A valid header
  • A straight forward subject line
  • An unsubscribe link, where addresses are immediately removed
  • Our physical address, so we may be contacted with any questions or issues
  • Opt-in only addresses

Website course listing

The Marketing office will list your CME/CNE accredited activity on our Educational Events website. The date and activity title will be displayed to draw in more attendees.