Hitchcock Foundation Advised Funds

An Advised Fund is a fund that is established by the Executive Director of the Foundation under the authority of the Board of Trustees for research or educational purposes not governed by a protocol or sponsor agreement. Funds may be designated by donors for specific purposes or may be undesignated. Funds shall be used to further the research and educational interests of Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center.

When an Advised Fund is established, the Foundation will appoint a fund advisor to advise the Foundation on expenditures from the fund. Requests for dispersal of Advised Funds must come from each fund's advisor or that advisor's designee. All expenditures shall be for research and/or education and shall be subject to approval by the Foundation. A fund advisor may seek the prior approval of the Foundation for any expenditures or any financial obligation.

An AP Request form and supporting documentation for the request are required.


If you wish to establish an Advised Fund, please contact Karen.E.Jones@Hitchcock.org.