Residents' Revolving Loan Fund

Revolving Loan Fund Application (PDF)

To: Hitchcock Foundation, Revolving Loan Fund applicants
From: Tracy Ostler, Executive Director, Hitchcock Foundation

You have inquired about a loan from the Hitchcock Foundation’s Revolving Loan Fund. The Hitchcock Foundation established this fund in 1959 to assist Residents and Fellows at the Medical Center with emergency or unforeseen expenses. All repayments and interest on loans are returned to the Revolving Loan Fund, thus the Fund and its benefits are perpetuated for future applicants.

Most loan fund applicants already have substantial loan balances related to their education and in some cases additional debt for a car, credit and charge cards. While a loan from the Hitchcock Foundation may be modest by comparison, it is adding to your debt burden and hence your application should be a careful and reasoned decision. It is also and an opportunity to review your current income and expense including debt service.

Attached are the Regulations for the Resident’s Revolving Loan Fund, a Summary Worksheet of Income and Expense and a Revolving Loan Fund Application. If you plan to apply for a loan from the Hitchcock Foundation, your Income and Expense Worksheet must be completely filled out and enclosed with your Application.

If you have questions, they should be referred to Tracy Ostler at 603-653-0481 or

Completed Applications and your financial summary should be forwarded to The Hitchcock Foundation, Novell Building, level 3.