Medical Aid Workers

If you are traveling overseas to provide aid, such as disaster relief or missionary work, you may face more health risks than regular tourists. You may be more exposed to the local population and have less-secure lodgings.

If you are traveling in the aftermath of a natural disaster, you may have to contend with floodwater, debris, or other hazards.

It is especially critical for aid workers to protect their health. If you become sick or injured, not only will you be unable to provide aid, you will also add to the burden of the local health care system.

With careful preparation, however, you can minimize the risks to your health. As soon as possible, schedule a visit with a travel medicine specialist, who can provide vaccines, medicines, and advice on how to stay safe and healthy while you are traveling. 

Page reviewed on: Mar 09, 2017

Page reviewed by: Jessie L. Leyse, MD