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Name Date created Presenter
The Silent Epidemic: Working together to Improve Hearing Care for Older Patients May 2023 James Saunders, MD
Fractures, deadly but ignored, how can we do better? April 2023 Ugis Gruntmanis, MD
Testimony before Vermont Senate Health and Welfare Committee, VT State government coordinating dementia services. April 6, 2023 Senate Health and Welfare
Driving Assessments for older adults February 2, 2023 Dr. John Batsis

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Aging populations

Video title Description
Why are We Here This video discusses the aging population in the United States and the importance of creating an interprofessional team.

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Video title Description
Curbside Consults Series: Early Stage (Part 1) This video discusses early stage dementia, including screening instruments for dementia, recommended tests in addition to dementia screenings, primary goals of treatment, and medications.
Curbside Consults Series: Mid-Stage (Part 2) This video covers the moderate stage of dementia, including evaluation of driving, driving resources, and agitation.
Curbside Consults Series: Late-Stage (Part 3) This video covers the late stage of dementia, including end of life treatment, and additional care assistance options when it exceeds the caregiver’s ability.
Dementia Journey Series: The Journey Begins (Part 1) This video discusses early stage dementia and Alzheimer’s dementia, including legal and financial matters, education, adapting to early stage symptoms, and lifestyle changes for brain health.
Dementia Journey Series: The Journey Continues (Part 2) This video discusses the moderate stage of dementia, including symptoms, communication, understanding behavior, getting support, engaged activities, and dealing with driving.
Dementia Journey Series: The Journey's End (Part 3) This video discusses the late stage of dementia, including symptoms, moving into a facility, connecting with remaining self, being the voice of a loved one, and end of life issues and hospice.

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Team transformation

This video series is part of Geriatric Interprofessional Team Transformation in Primary Care (GITT-PC). For more information about GITT-PC, email annaliese.e.volckaert@hitchcock.org.

Video title Description
Team Transformation Series: Introductions (Part 1) This video is the first part of the Geriatric Workforce Enhancements series on Creating a Geriatric Interprofessional Team and introduces the need effective teams for the care of older adults.
Team Transformation Series: Teaming Up (Part 2) This video defines what a interprofessional team is and it’s benefits.
Team Transformation Series: Team Formation: Forming (Part 3) This video introduces the forming stage of team formation.

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