Department of Orthopaedics Patient Stories

Adam Dumont lifting weights

Our Patients. Their Stories. Adam Dumont

Adam Dumont tells his story of a devastating motorcycle accident and the care he received at Dartmouth-Hitchcock to help him recover.

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John Richards and Dr. Michael Sparks

Our Patients. Their Stories. John Richards

John Richards shares thoughts about his care at Dartmouth-Hitchcock in a letter to leadership.

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Rick Lounsbury

Our Patients. Their Stories. Rick Lounsbury

Lebanon firefighter Rick Lounsbury dislocated his shoulder at the scene of a fire last December, and after surgery and rehabilitation therapy he’s returned to full duty.

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Dr. Moschetti with Michael Mahoney

Our Patients. Their Stories. Michael Mahoney

Among a host of health issues throughout his life, Michael Mahoney came to Dartmouth-Hitchcock (D-H) to undergo a revision of a failed hip replacement unlike any in the orthopaedic field.

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Bill Waddell

Our Patients. Their Stories. Bill Waddell

Bill Waddell, a Master-level competitor in the Scottish Highland Games, came back stronger than ever to win his next competition after surgery and rehab for a bicep rupture and radial nerve palsy.

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Moshe Gray

Our Patients. Their Stories. Moshe Gray

Attempting a deadlift with one finger caused a serious finger injury to Rabbi Moshe Gray.

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Rose Lander with her violin

Our Patients. Their Stories. Rose Lander

Rose Lander has played the violin for over 80 years. After a fall, her local doctors said she would never play again. Thanks to John-Erik Bell, MD, Lander is back to playing and teaching again.

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Nicola Felicetti with her dog Ollie

Our Patients. Their Stories. Nicola Felicetti

After falling during a run, Nicola Felicetti found herself stuck in the woods with a broken leg. It was 7 am and only 7 degrees. Luckily she was able to call her husband for help.

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Paul St. Hilaire

Our Patients. Their Stories. Paul St. Hilaire

Restoring one family's faith in health care

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Melissa Soendergaard

Our Patients. Their Stories. Melissa Soendergaard

Melissa Soendergaard suffers from back pain following several injuries. After trying a number of options, she turned to Dartmouth-Hitchcock’s Functional Restoration Program for help.

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