Transfusion Medicine Research Center

The Transfusion Medicine Research Center is one of only four labs of its type in the United States.

Proof-of-concept and pre-FDA licensure Phase I/II clinical trials for transfusion medicine-related products and processes

The center offers an experienced team qualified to participate in proof-of-concept and pre-FDA licensure Phase I/II clinical trials. This may be for, but not limited to:

  • Frozen storage of platelets and red cells
  • In vitro studies for bacterial contamination detection technology
  • Instrument evaluation for whole blood, red cell, platelet and plasma collection
  • New anticoagulants or additive solutions for platelets and red cells
  • New plastics for platelet and red cell storage bags
  • Novel storage conditions for platelets and red cells
  • Pathogen reduction technology for platelets and red cells

Radioactive recovery and survival studies

Radioactive recovery and survival studies are a particular area of expertise for the Transfusion Medicine Research Center. The center has more than 25 years of experience with in vivo trials for platelets and red cells. It has a stable subject base with historical recovery and survival studies for numerous types of red cell and platelet additive solutions and storage conditions.

Reference laboratory

The center has the capability to function as a reference laboratory for other research laboratories. Offerings include:

  • Mock audits
  • Red cell metabolism (ATP/DPG)
  • SOP development
  • Storage lesion (potassium/supernatant hemoglobin/microvesicle isolation)
  • Validation development and implementation

Additional functions

The center performs numerous other tasks, including evaluation of instrumentation for collection and storage and quality assurance assistance within the Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine.


Contact the center by calling 603-650-6215 or by emailing or