SUMHI Related Initiatives

At Dartmouth-Hitchcock and Dartmouth College

  • Region I leadership, Delivery System Reform Incentive Program (DSRIP)
    Region I Integrated Delivery Network addressing mental health and substance use in the Medicaid population. The state of New Hampshire has received an 1115 Medicaid waiver to address mental health and substance use specific to the Medicaid population throughout the state. Dartmouth-Hitchcock is providing leadership for one of the seven regions of the state.
  • Northeast Node of the National Drug Abuse Clinical Trials Network
    A research partnership in which the National Institute on Drug Abuse, researchers, and community-based providers develop, evaluate, and disseminate new prevention and treatment options for substance use disorders in community-based medical settings.
  • Center for Technology and Behavioral Health
    Focused on the development, evaluation, and implementation of technology-based therapeutic tools targeting behavioral health and health behavior.

In the Upper Valley community

  • ALL Together
    ALL Together is the Substance Misuse Prevention and Continuum of Care workgroup of the Public Health Network of the Upper Valley (New Hampshire and Vermont) and is also nationally recognized as a Drug Free Communities Coalition.
  • Hartford Community Coalition

In the state of New Hampshire

The prevention of alcohol and other drug misuse is a high priority in New Hampshire, with many partners, stakeholders, and investors supporting community-based efforts to prevent substance misuse. The New Hampshire Bureau of Drug and Alcohol Services is the state’s leader in many of these efforts and manages funding from the federal Substance Abuse and Mental Health Block Grant to support prevention, early intervention, treatment and recovery support services.