Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) About Trauma Transfers

Does calling DHART with a request for a trauma transfer mandate the use of DHART air or ground services for the patient transport?

No. The objective is to transfer the right patient to the right place in a timely manner. The quickest, most appropriate mode of transport is always encouraged. In most cases, that would be local EMS services. Should the transfer be best accomplished by DHART, those arrangements can be facilitated by the Communications Specialist during the referral phone call.

In cases where the patient has an isolated head or orthopaedic injury, can the DHMC Trauma Program accept the patient without checking with the neurosurgeon or the orthopaedic surgeon?

Yes. The Trauma Program has been authorized by the DHMC surgical specialists to accept the acute trauma patient in transfer.

Does this include all trauma patients?

No. This only applies to "acute trauma" patients, regardless of age, who are in local emergency departments or operating rooms.

In the past, phone calls from various DHMC departments and services interrupted my caring for the patient. Am I going to continue to get these calls for additional information?

No. A process is in place to facilitate the smooth flow of information between your facility and DHMC. Once all essential information has been gathered, no other inquiries will be required. We will ask you to fax the patient demographics sheet from your hospital as soon as possible to DHART at 603-650-7064.

Will one of our nurses need to call and give a patient report to the accepting unit at DHMC?

No. The DHART Communications Specialist or designee will ask for the patient's information. This information will then be relayed to all appropriate DHMC care providers.

If we use our local EMS service to transport the trauma patient, whom should we call with our estimated time of arrival?

Please contact DHART Communications at 800-650-3222 to relay the ETA and any other information pertinent to the trauma patient's transfer.

Are conversations with DHART Communications recorded and archived?

Yes, in order to ensure quality of service and streamline communication. All calls to the 800 phone line are recorded and maintained for 90 days. All callers will hear the identifying "beep" when calling this line.

Whom do I contact if I have questions about this process?

Trauma Program Manager Friedrich M. von Recklinghausen, PhD, MPA, NREMT-P, can be reached at 603-650-6064 or at