For Transferring Hospitals

To transfer an acute trauma patient, call the Dartmouth Hitchcock Advanced Response Team (DHART) at 800-650-3222.

Your call will be answered by a dedicated DHART communications specialist who will ask for your hospital callback number, the referring physician's name, and the patient's name.

Your call will then be forwarded to the Emergency Department (ED) attending trauma physician, who is authorized to accept all appropriate trauma transfer requests.

Once the physician-to-physician discussion has occurred and the patient has been accepted by Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center (DHMC), the DHART communication specialist will request more detailed patient information from the patient's primary nurse or other appropriate team member at your hospital. This system requires only one phone call. No other calls will be required.

It is our goal to make trauma patient transfers to DHMC as simple as possible. We believe this process will assist us in attaining that goal. We encourage you to contact us with your comments and questions. Here are some frequently asked questions