Donor Milk Services

Families can now donate or receive milk at the Women's Health Resource Center. We offer a milk depot and dispensary, in partnership with Mothers' Milk Bank Northeast.

Please call 603-650-2600 to confirm we are open before coming in to drop off or receive from the dispensary, Monday through Friday, 9 am to 4 pm.

Donor milk depot

Baby with parent at WHRC event

The depot, or drop-off site, accepts milk from pre-screened milk donors. We store the donated breast milk in a designated freezer at our location.

We then send it to the Mothers' Milk Bank Northeast, where they test and pasteurize the milk. They give it to babies in fragile health throughout the Northeast region.

To learn about milk donation or become a milk donor, please refer to the Mother's Milk Bank Northeast website. Once you complete the screening process, you can drop off at the depot.

Donor milk dispensary

At the milk dispensary, any family whose baby has a prescription for donor breast milk can:

  • Fill the prescription
  • Buy the milk
  • Take the milk home

Please bring a prescription from your health care provider. We can also help arrange a prescription for you.

For questions, please contact us at 603-650-2600.