Public Art Projects

In addition to the permanent and rotating exhibits, Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center (DHMC) has been home to several public arts project, including "Composition for a Yellow Wall" and "Silhouettes."

Composition for a Yellow Wall

The "Composition for a Yellow Wall," public art installation was created on-site by noted Vermont artist Barbara Garber. Barbara spent four days at DHMC creating Composition for a Yellow Wall while passersby enjoyed watching Barbara's art come to life. She returned several times to make additions to the wall.

Barbara Garber creating Composition for a Yellow Wall
Artist Barbara Garber spent four days creating "Composition for a Yellow Wall."
Composition for a Yellow Wall
"Composition for a Yellow Wall," by Barbara Garber


Silhouettes public art project
"Silhouettes" was the first public art project at DHMC.

"Silhouettes" was the first public art project at DHMC and was a collaboration between DHMC and AVA Gallery. They are currently installed on the wall entering the DHMC parking garage.

The initial goals of the project were to:

  • Enhance the healing environment of Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center
  • Engage the DHMC community—specifically its patients, staff, and students—in collaborative art projects to help increase staff morale, patient satisfaction and interaction among colleagues
  • Partner with the greater Upper Valley community—including local artists, art galleries and associations—to support the vitality of art in the region

Criteria for public artwork

  • Artwork, whether permanent or temporary, will be uplifting and will foster a positive, encouraging environment.
  • Artwork will be of the highest aesthetic and artistic quality.
  • Projects will either be collaborative in nature, or receive the input of the larger DHMC community in some manner.