Rotating Exhibitions

Winter 2023

Digital art by Raleigh Ormerod

2K Gallery Radiation Oncology

Raleigh Ormerod, Digital Art

The 2K Gallery is located in the Radiation Oncology waiting area, Level 2.

Ron Lippard, Merlin Sculpture

Main Entrance Display Cases

Ron Lippard, “Merlin” Sculpture 

The Main Rotunda Display Cases are located at the Main Entrance Rotunda, Level 3.

Laurie Alberts, oil artwork

Rubin Gallery

Laurie Alberts, Oil

The Rubin Gallery is located in Hematology Oncology Hallway, Level 3.

Isa Oehry, mixed media artwork

Faulker Gallery

Isa Oehry, Mixed Media

The Faulkner Gallery is located directly across from Clinic Reception 3L, Level 3.

Acrylic artwork by Pievy Polyte

Mall Gallery

Pievy Polyte, Acrylic

The Mall Gallery runs the length of the hallway in the Main Mall, Level 4.

Carrie the piano student, oil on paper artwork by Carrie Gelfan

Williamson Gallery

Carrie Gelfan, Oil

Located in the Williamson Translational Research Building, Level 4 Mall.

Acrylic artwork by Lynne Berard

Endoscopy Hallway Gallery

Lynne Berard, Acrylic

The Endoscopy Hallway Gallery connects the Main Mall to the Same Day Surgery Waiting area, Level 4.

Acrylic artwork by Krista Doran

Main Rotunda Gallery

Krista Doran, Acrylic

The Main Rotunda Gallery is located outside of the Matthews-Fuller Library, Level 5.

All artwork is for sale by the artist. For questions, contact the Arts and Humanities program at 603-650-6187.

Exhibitions will remain on view through March 2023.