Psychocutaneous Medicine

Approximately 30 to 40% of patients seeking skin treatment have an underlying psychiatric problem. This disorder can cause or worsen their skin condition.

Our psychocutaneous medicine clinic provides treatment plans that consist of many therapies from:

  • Behavioral therapy to decrease anxiety
  • Dermatology to provide skin directed treatments
  • Pharmacologic treatments to control impulses that lead to skin picking or hair pulling

If the problem is severe enough, we may prescribe medications to treat anxiety or depression.

Why visit us at our psychocutaneous medicine clinic?

Our psychocutaneous medicine treatment can benefit you in a variety of ways if you:

  • Have emotional complications connected to your skin disease, including depression and anxiety
  • Suffer from excessive hair pulling or skin picking due to anxiety or other emotional problems
  • Have cutaneous sensory disorders (abnormal sensations of the skin) for which the medical workup to explain the condition is negative

What to expect from your appointment?

We will examine your skin and review of your health history and outside records, including:

  • Prior blood work
  • Skin biopsies

We ask you to complete a questionnaire, which we deliver to you electronically before your visit. If your questionnaire indicates that you need further lab work or a biopsy, we will perform these during your visit.

We create a personalized treatment plan for you based on your history, physical exam, and the severity of your condition.

Your treatment plan will address your:

  • Cutaneous manifestations of the disease
  • Underlying drivers of your condition, such as anxiety, depression and substance abuse

Appointments and referrals

We provide services in Lebanon, New Hampshire. We typically schedule appointments on the last Wednesday of the month, from 1:00 to 5:00 pm.

A referral from your doctor is required to insure you are a good fit for the clinic.

Psychocutaneous Medicine providers