Diabetes Program Classes and Support Groups

Concord classes and support groups

The Concord Hospital Diabetes Self-Management Education Program offers a number of classes and a support group to patients with diabetes. For more information about any of these classes and groups, contact us.

  • Diabetes Group class: These four two-hour conversation map classes are recommended for anyone with a new diagnosis of diabetes or for those who have not previously attended classes. This series covers detailed information on nutrition, exercise, monitoring, medications, complications, community resources, and stress management.
  • Insulin Pump Information class: Each month, we offer a public information class to explain the various insulin pumps available, and discuss what makes a person a good candidate for an insulin pump.
  • Safe Pumping class: This class is designed for patients who are beginning insulin pump therapy. The class teaches patients how to manage high and low blood sugars, and how to handle ketones when pumping insulin to prevent acute complications.
  • Advanced Carbohydrate class: This class is designed for those patients who wish to intensify their insulin management, and for those who are considering an insulin pump. Participants learn to dose the correct amount of insulin for carbohydrate intake, and how to dose to correct high blood glucose levels.
  • Diabetes Support Group: The Diabetes Support Group meets quarterly in Conference Room A or C at Concord Hospital. There is no cost. All are encouraged to bring a guest.

Manchester classes and support groups

We offer several classes as part of the Diabetes Self Management Program. For more information about the classes that are currently available, please contact your primary care provider.