Speech-Language Pathology

Speech-language pathology helps you, or your child, with disorders that affect:

  • Language
    • Understanding language that you may hear or read
    • Producing language when speaking
  • Swallowing
    • Moving food or liquids through the mouth
    • Swallowing food or liquids safely to reduce the chances of choking
  • Voice
    • Hoarse vocal quality
    • Difficulty breathing related to vocal cords closing
    • Alterations in tone, pitch, or resonance

You may receive treatment while you are in the hospital or when you come to our outpatient clinic.

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A speech language therapist works with a patient using a microphone.

We provide outpatient services in Lebanon (at Dartmouth Hitchcock Clinics Heater Road and Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center) and Cheshire Medical Center in Keene. Your doctor or other care providers may refer you for speech-language pathology services. When you come to your first appointment, you will meet your speech-language pathologist. We will evaluate you using different tests and tools based on your condition or illness. These will guide the development of your treatment plan. Our team uses a variety of treatment methods to help you reach your best outcome.

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In speech-language pathology we provide evaluation, diagnosis, and rehabilitation of: