Center for Digestive Health

The Center for Digestive Health is the most comprehensive center of its kind in New England. We integrate our care across different areas. These areas include:

Gastroenterology and hepatology

We provide high-quality gastroenterology and hepatology care. We strive to improve the lives of patients who suffer from digestive diseases. These include disorders of the colon, esophagus, liver, pancreas, small intestine, stomach and rectum.

Research, expertise and technology

We help patients understand and manage digestive diseases, and we:

  • Conduct research and offer clinical trials
  • Combine evidence-based medicine with clinical experience
  • Use cutting-edge technology

Our gastroenterology and hepatology services include these programs:

Weight and wellness

Obesity is a disease process requiring expertise in management. Our weight and wellness team offers treatment options for weight loss and improved metabolic health. We create a treatment plan that is customized for each patient. We address your medical concerns according to your preferences, values and goals. Our team includes physicians, dietitians, chefs, behavioral health specialists and health coaches. We work together to support all aspects of patient treatment and care. 

  • Adult Weight and Wellness Program: We provide an initial consultation and a visit with a physician or advance-practice provider, a dietitian and a health coach. We create a personalized care plan that may include anti-obesity medication, bariatric surgery, intensive lifestyle programming or a combination of these.

  • Pediatric Lipid and Weight Management Program: We care for children and teens with complicated obesity and high cholesterol. As with our adult program, we support children and families in lifestyle change. Our approach may include the use of medication and referral for bariatric surgery.

  • Healthy Lifestyle Program: We offer many options to support your wellness journey. Our staff includes registered dietitians, health coaches and behavioral health specialists. Our group classes focus on culinary learning with wellness coaching, movement and nutrition.

  • Culinary Medicine Program: We combine nutrition and culinary learning in an innovative program. We provide participants with knowledge and practical skills to help them translate nutrition recommendations into daily routines. 

Digestive surgery

Center for Digestive Health Research Program

The Center for Digestive Health features basic, translational and clinical research. Research is a cornerstone of our program. We aim to advance the knowledge of digestive health and healthcare delivery and make treatment options available to our patients that are not yet available outside clinical trials.

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