THRIVE Clinic Team

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Our team includes specialists from different areas, including:

  • Care coordination
  • Gastroenterology
  • Pharmacy
  • Psychology
  • Social work

Many of our providers specialize in treating inflammatory bowel disease (IBD). 

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Adult IBD specialists

Our providers have expertise in managing IBD across adolescence and young adulthood. Our physicians see patients in our young adult clinic (THRIVE) and our adult IBD program. Our providers can support a full range of medication and surgical management of IBD.

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Health psychologists

Our team includes psychology providers with expertise in supporting individuals with gastroenterological conditions. Our psychology providers offer support in our clinic to address challenges with:

  • Feelings of isolation or relationship difficulties and managing IBD
  • Non-pharmacologic pain management
  • Other common challenges of being a young adult with IBD

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IBD specialty pharmacist

Our pharmacists can provide support during clinic visits. They can help you administer, fill and manage your IBD prescriptions. Keeping access to medications is vital to managing IBD. It can be more complicated when young adults move out of state or need to change insurance carriers. 

IBD patient navigator

Our patient navigator can help with navigating the Dartmouth Health system. They work with patients and caregivers to overcome barriers to care. They identify needed community resources and assist with communication and care coordination concerns.

Social worker

Our social work team has experience supporting individuals with medical needs. They can provide support by:

  • Connecting you to local resources
  • Helping with challenges in getting to clinic visits
  • Navigating accommodations available to you at school or work
  • Working through questions about insurance

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