Program Adoption and Implementation

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We rely on strategic partnerships to expand access to HOBSCOTCH.

We rely on strategic partnerships to expand access to HOBSCOTCH.

Implementation sites are organizations that have made a commitment to addressing memory problems in epilepsy by providing HOBSCOTCH to their communities.

Implementation sites agree to deliver the program as it was designed by filling key roles and participating in centralized data collection. A person can fill one or more roles depending on the structure and needs of the organization.

Key roles include:

  • Program Coordinators, who are responsible for overseeing the program; recruiting, scheduling, and monitoring patients; organizing materials; and providing support for Cognitive Coaches
  • Cognitive Coaches, who deliver the intervention. Learn more about being a Cognitive Coach.
  • Data and Evaluation Coordinators, who, assist with the collection and analysis of outcome measures

Implementation checklists

Our implementation checklists provide an overview of the steps needed to implement the HOBSCOTCH program to help people living with epilepsy and cognitive problems.

View our implementation checklists for:

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