HOBSCOTCH Journey Stories


Alessia Caci: My HOBSCOTCH journey

The strategies that I learned in the HOBSCOTCH program and continue to use have been super helpful.

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Lee Feldmeier, HOBSCOTCH participant

Lee Feldmeier: My HOBSCOTCH journey

The HOBSCOTCH program has really helped my day-to-day life.

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Scott Wakefield, HOBSCOTCH particpant

Scott Wakefield: My HOBSCOTCH journey

My neurologist recommended trying HOBSCOTCH. This was great advice!

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Anna Murray, BA, CHW

Anna Murray, BA, CHW: My HOBSCOTCH journey

Having a program like HOBSCOTCH in my CHW toolkit, I can better support patients to manage the cognitive effects of epilepsy.

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Lisa Sackett, PhD

Lisa Sackett, PhD: My HOBSCOTCH journey

As a HOBSCOTCH Coach, I understand well how epilepsy and cognitive challenges affect each person differently.

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Megan Selvitelli, MD

Dr. Megan Selvitelli: My HOBSCOTCH journey

I have referred more patients than I can count to the HOBSCOTCH program, and they have universally found it valuable and compelling.

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Eveian Salmon, HOBSCOTCH participant

Eveian Salmon: My HOBSCOTCH journey

I no longer worry about forgetting anything and my seizures have significantly reduced to almost none.

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Josh Silverman, HOBSCOTCH participant

Josh Silverman: My HOBSCOTCH journey

HOBSCOTCH has made it possible for me to feel more in control of my daily school and life tasks.

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