Scheduling Appointments

Make an appointment

To make an appointment, call the department directly. See our Phone Directory to find the proper phone number.If you need help determining the correct department, contact us and we will help you.

If you are new to Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center and Dartmouth Hitchcock Clinics and first need to find a primary care physician (PCP) or other physician, see Find a Provider.

About referrals

Some health insurance policies require that you have a referral from your family doctor (primary care provider, or PCP) to make an appointment for specialty care. Please review your health insurance coverage before calling for an appointment.

Some departments require that you be referred to them by a physician. See Referrals and Precertifications for more information.

Translator/interpreter services

If you need a translator/interpreter during your medical appointment, please notify the department's appointment secretary when you make your appointment. For more information, see Interpreting.

Shared medical appointments

Depending on the department and the reason for the appointment, you may be scheduled for a shared medical appointment. Shared medical appointments offer an interactive approach to health care that brings patients together who have common needs. While they do not take the place of individual appointments, they can be a valuable addition to the care you already receive. The benefits include:

  • Longer appointments in a confidential, comfortable setting with other patients who bring up questions you may not have thought to ask, or are uncomfortable asking
  • Individual time with your doctor in addition to shared time during the same appointment
  • Possibly eliminating the need for an additional trip to see us because, in some cases, you will have tests done and get immediate results
  • Receiving prescriptions if you need them and having necessary tests ordered, just as you would in an individual appointment

The shared medical appointment may be one time only or may be held on a regular basis. Also, while many shared medical appointments are for patients only, some are open to families and caregivers as well.

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