Visiting Policy

We believe that families, friends, and others who provide support are important for a patient's healing process. They are a vital part of the healthcare team. Patients admitted to any of our facilities or being seen at any of our clinics, or other community sites may have visitors at any time. However, there may be times when visits need to be limited. We always keep the patient's safety and healing as our focus.

To provide a safe, quiet, healing environment for our patients, we may ask families and visitors to adjust their visit times. In those cases, we use the following guidelines:

  • There may be times when visits by family and friends are not in the patient's best interest or others in their environment, such as when they or their roommate need more rest.
  • Visitors may be limited if there is an outbreak, such as the flu. Visitors may be told about necessary precautions and given directions to follow for that situation.
  • Keeping noise levels low is important to promote a healing environment. (Be sure to speak in hushed tones when you visit.)
  • Please be aware of the number of visitors at any one time and the level of noise.
  • Visiting children must be supervised by a visiting adult for their safety.
  • While we cannot routinely accommodate overnight stays by minors under 18, we recognize there may be special circumstances. (Please feel free to talk with us about your needs.)
  • Some care units may have requests for visitors to create the best healing space for their patients. Please consider the length and hour of your visits.

If you have questions about our visiting policy, please contact Patient and Family Relations. We are happy to discuss your concerns.