Women's Health Resource Center

Since 1991, the Women's Health Resource Center (WHRC) has welcomed many women seeking information and education about their health and the health of their loved ones. As a community service, we are committed to promoting preventive care and respecting women's wisdom in making informed health care decisions.

We offer support groups, classes, and workshops in pregnancy and parenting, first aid and safety, and women's health.

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    We also offer the following services:

    Our staff

    Krista Duval, CPC, CPST-I
    Women's Health Resource Center
    Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center

    Wendi Grant, BSW, CPST, CLC
    Resource Coordinator

    Brianna Kendall, CPST
    Resource Coordinator

    Katie Robie, LNA, CPST
    Community Health Worker

    The WHRC is a proud member of the National Diaper Bank Network

    Last year we distributed over 16,000 diapers to 150 families. Please feel free to stop by to use the bank or to donate.

    What is a Diaper Bank?

    "Diaper Banks collect, store and help distribute free diapers to families suffering from financial difficulty. They obtain diapers through local diaper drives, from in-kind donations by manufacturers and retailers and by purchasing diapers directly with donated funds."
    - National Diaper Bank Network

    We appreciate your generosity.

    Other resources

    • Comprehensive Breast Cancer Program: Compassionate care that treats the whole person with the latest therapies
    • Gynecology: Annual exams, family planning, sexual health, menopause and surgeries
    • Obstetrics: Information about our pregnancy care, prenatal testing, infertility treatment, high-risk pregnancy care, and labor and delivery at Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center
    • Urogynecology: Treatment of pelvic floor disorders, a range of conditions involving the reproductive urinary, and lower digestive systems