For Health Care Professionals

Guidelines for patient scheduling for referring providers

Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center providers

  • A referral and a complete order need to be submitted prior to scheduling patients.
  • Any provider requesting infusion therapy services in the Medical Infusion Clinic must be on campus and easily accessible by pager. If the provider is unable to be on campus, a designated covering provider is needed. The provider responsible for care of the patient during an infusion must be clearly identified on the orders (pager number).
  • For patients requiring blood transfusions, the ordering provider must obtain transfusion consent and "Type and Screen" prior to scheduling.
  • Labs needed prior to treatment must be obtained in the lab drawing area. If labs are not needed prior to treatment, the medical infusion staff has the ability and supplies to obtain labs from PICCs and Mediports.

All other providers

Please contact the appropriate specialty service provider at Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center to coordinate a plan of care. Once the plan of care is established, the Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center provider will submit a referral and an order to Medical Infusion to schedule treatment. We practice collaboratively with referring departments to provide the best care.

Referring departments