High-Risk Pregnancy

You may choose to consult with us if you have concerns about your pregnancy. You may also be referred to us by your prenatal care team. In either case, our team specializes in managing complicated pregnancies and births. Depending on your situation, you may remain under the care of your prenatal team after meeting with us. In other cases, we will provide your prenatal care.

Patients who use our services may

  • Have pre-existing medical conditions such as high blood pressure or diabetes that need monitoring during pregnancy
  • Be expecting multiple babies and require ongoing monitoring to reduce the risk of complications.
  • Wish to screen for genetic conditions

Risk and consequences of a near-term birth

More than 30,000 late preterm deliveries each year, through induced labor or cesarean, are elective and avoidable. The following video shares the story of moms Bonnie and Andrea, as well as the perspectives of Dr. Michelle Lauria and Dr. William Edwards. Their stories and perspectives can help you learn about the risks from these procedures. While neither mother featured in the story chose their preterm delivery, the complications their babies experienced can occur with elective deliveries.

The stories of moms Bonnie and Andrea, and the perspectives of our obstetricians Dr. Michele Lauria and Dr. William Edwards, can help you learn more about the risks from these procedures.