Clinical Microbiology

The Clinical Microbiology section provides testing for the broad range of agents that cause infectious diseases. We identify bacteria, mycobacteria, fungi, parasites and viruses by culture, microscopy, antigen or antibody detection and molecular methods. We provide antimicrobial and antifungal susceptibility testing for clinically significant isolates.

Consultation is available daily by a subspecialty-trained clinical microbiologist to help with interpretation of test results or to determine optimal test strategies for diagnosis of infections. The laboratory endeavors to provide the most effective test methodologies for our patient population.

Contact us

Consultation is available from the clinical microbiologist on call, who can be reached through:

  • Clinical Microbiology laboratory: 603-650-7201 (5-7201)
  • Hospital operator: 603-650-5000 (ask to speak with the on-call clinical microbiologist)
  • Page: 2291

Our clinical microbiology team

Isabella W. Martin, MD


In the clinical microbiology laboratory, we strive to rapidly detect and identify pathogens and determine which antimicrobial regimens will work best for patients. These results make targ… Read more

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