Diabetes Educators: New Hampshire

City Facility Phone Educator
Berlin Androscoggin Valley Hospital 603-326-5694 Roberta Balon, MS, RD, LD, CDE
Colebrook Upper Connecticut Valley Hospital 603-388-4233 Carrie Rancourt, RD, LD, CDE
Concord Concord Hospital 603-225-2711 Della Flanagan
Penny Sawyer
Barbara Dagenis
Conway Saco River Medical Group 603-447-3500 Diane Bilotta
Dover Wentworth Health Partners 603-742-1143 Janice Kraus
Melanie Rhoades
Ann Marie West
  Wentworth-Douglass Hospital 603-740-2887 Kris Ferullo
Dana St. Laurent
Cindy Hackett
Exeter Exeter Hospital 603-777-3224 Mary Jo Dudley
Mary Luparello
Theresa McKenney
  Rockingham Visiting Nurses Association and Hospice 603-772-2981 Judith Nelson
Keene Cheshire Medical Center 603-354-5400 Patti Schuman
Laconia Lakes Region General Hospital 603-527-2850 Sharon Mason-Iadonisi
Lancaster Weeks Medical Center 603-788-5284 Jessica Coy
Lebanon Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center

603-650-8630 (adult)
603-650-8819 (pedi)

Rita Odell
Mary Wood
Ann Christiano
Carol French
Littleton Littleton Regional Hospital 603-444-9323 Margo Conners
Manchester Diabetes Resource Institute @ Catholic Medical Center 800-437-9666 ext. 6431
Liz Kennett
Diane Schor
Jeanne Bailey
Linda Mayo
  Catholic Medical Center 603-663-6297 Marilyn Mills



Amy Huelle
Tina Layton
Lisa Garneau
Deb Billings
Sandy Madden
Donna Marie Brown
  Elliot Hospital 603-669-5300 ext. 4173 Donna Chretien
  Veterans Administration Medical Center 603-624-4366 ext 6073 Maureen Foltz
Nashua Dartmouth-Hitchcock Nashua 603-577-4200 Pauline Burton
Colleen Lyons
  Home Health and Hospice Care 603-882-2941 Betty-Jean Anz
  Diabetes Education Center @ S. NH Medical Center 603-577-2547

Cheryl Barry
Kathy Inslow

  St. Joseph Hospital 603-882-3000 ext. 6067 Melanie Baker
Laurie Terrio
Newington Martin's Point Health Care 603-431-5154 Janice Kraus
Megrette Hammond
Newmarket Lamprey Health Care 603-659-3106
ext. 321 or ext. 352
Mary Jo Dudley
North Conway Mount Washington Valley Health Care 603-356-7931

Patti Duprey
William Dudley

Peterborough Monadnock Community Hospital 603-924-7191 Mitzi Turgeon
Portsmouth Diabetes Resource Center, Portsmouth Regional Hospital 603-433-5160 Melinda Leighton
Daniel Crowe
Pat Sullivan
  Portsmouth Internal Medicine 603-436-6115 Sally Flanigan
Raymond Lamprey Health Center 603-895-3351 ext. 352 or 321 Mary Jo Dudley
Rochester Frisbie Memorial Hospital 603-335-8142 Joyce Braungart
Woodsville Cottage Hospital 603-747-9000 ext. 2154 Ruth Robar