Support Groups

In support groups, people can learn from the knowledge and experience of others, and receive encouragement, understanding, and suggestions for dealing with difficult situations.

Many support groups are available, ranging from groups focused on particular diseases or conditions, to those focused on bereavement, parenting, and veterans' needs.

Cancer support groups

Norris Cotton Cancer Care Pavilion Lebanon coordinates all cancer activities within Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center.

For general information, call the Dartmouth Cancer Center Helpline or Supportive Services.

Visit the Complementary Care Program on the Dartmouth Cancer Center website for more information.

Veterans' support group

Veterans' support groups are held at the VET Center:

118 Prospect Street, Suite 100
White River Junction, VT, 05001
802-295-2908 (VA ext 2507)

Offerings include:

  • Veterans' drop-in counseling center
  • Veterans' PTSD support groups
  • Veterans' support groups
  • Veterans' Partners' Support Groups
  • Sexual Trauma in the Military Support Group

Additional support groups