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Maria D. Padin, MD

Finding the Right Provider – Without All the Guesswork

Finding a new primary care provider can be overwhelming. It’s best to begin your research with the basics.

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vaccine being drawn for shot

New CDC Recommendations, Vaccines and Variants

Michael S. Calderwood, MD, MPH, chief quality officer at DHMC, answers questions about the new CDC guidelines for fully vaccinated individuals, as well as questions about vaccines and COVID-19 variants.

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Cynthia Taub

COVID-19 and Heart Health

In the most recent installment of "Connecting with the CEO," Cynthia C. Taub, MD, MBA, FASE, discussed topics related to heart health.

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Sports Cardiology Program evaluation

Sports Cardiology: Screening and Treatment for College All-Stars to Active Retirees

Athletes of all ages are playing it safe with personalized screening and treatment services at Dartmouth-Hitchcock’s Sports Cardiology Clinic.

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Paper cutout family surrounded by stethascope

Should My Child Have a Cholesterol Test?

A genetic disorder called “familial hypercholesterolemia,” if left untreated, can lead to early heart disease.

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Julie Braga, MD

What Pregnant and Breastfeeding Women Should Know about Getting the COVID-19 Vaccine

Many individuals are still deciding whether to get immunized, among them, pregnant and breastfeeding women.

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Older woman working on a computer.

Sign-up for myD-H

Use myD-H to communicate with your health care providers, request or change appointments, request prescription renewals, view your account and make payments online.

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cheddar cheese and broccoli soup

Cooking Up Health - Creamy Broccoli Cheddar Soup Makeover

Fresh and full of fiber, this soup gets it’s creaminess by using pureed white beans instead of cream.

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graphic of heart rhythm with wine glass and bottle

Alcohol and Heart Health

While it’s fine to have a drink or two, too much of a good thing can be a bad thing when it comes to your heart.

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George W. Culler, IV, MD

Identifying and Treating Non-epileptic Seizures

While epileptic seizures and non-epileptic episodes appear similar, trained neurologists can recognize the subtle differences between the two.

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