Cooking Up Health

wheat toast with mashed avocado and tomato

Cooking Up Health: Healthy Breakfasts

We asked a few Dartmouth-Hitchcock nutritionists to share what they eat for breakfast.

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Healthy Chicken Tenders

Healthy Chicken Tenders

A healthy version of a favorite fast-food item.

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bowl of pepper soup

Stuffed Pepper Soup

This simple soup ends up tasting like a mild stuffed pepper.

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cheddar cheese and broccoli soup

Cooking Up Health - Creamy Broccoli Cheddar Soup Makeover

Fresh and full of fiber, this soup gets it’s creaminess by using pureed white beans instead of cream.

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Platter of cut vegetables

Save Time – Cook in Batches

Make the most of your precious time by prepping three meals at once.

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Bowl of pumpkin soup

Pumpkin Vegetable Soup

Pumpkin, a favorite fall decoration, is a nutritious vegetable rich in vitamin A and vitamin C. It's also a good source of potassium, vitamin E, fiber and many other nutrients.

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Salmon salad.

Farmer Salad

Try this salad featuring salmon with hard-boiled eggs, potatoes, Kalamata olives, cherry tomatoes and green beans. Add some of your other favorite veggies, and enjoy!

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Clear bowl with chickpea, tomatoe, celery and cucumbers

Chickpea Salad

Start with this basic salad recipe and then add ingredients such as Kalamata olives, feta cheese, artichoke hearts or sun-dried tomatoes.

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Blueberry-banana fruit leather

Blueberry-Banana Fruit Leather

Fruit leathers are homemade fruit rolls. Making your own saves money, uses less sugar and allows you to create your own flavor combinations.

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Cantaloupe cubes and blueberries on white platter.

Grilled Cantaloupe Salad with Blueberry Ginger Vinaigrette

Try this refreshing summer salad cantaloupe—either grilled or not—with a vinaigrette using fresh blueberries and ginger.

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